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building studio666 a storyboard in screenshots

I do not want to talk about how long it takes to upload a screenshot from my Debian 7 laptop while using my iPhone as a hotspot on a 30 kb/s data connection. For all 350 of you that are anxiously awaiting access to you will have to remain patient. The login system is completely not working. I myself do not have administrative access any more. Technically, is a facebook app and a google app and the login between the social interfaces has been …… “confused”. I will fix this in the near future. For now I can post as a user from wordpress. Stay tunes. For now studio666 iso files exist only on my computer and work is continuing to create a comfortable working environment for creative people to do creative things. The pictures inserted in this post are worth a 1000 words. Work is continuing behind the scenes which begs the question “Does an open source project even need the Internet to be called a project?” …ImageImage

And the solution to an ancient question, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?”

Ahem….. “According to the chicken… the rooster came first”Image ImageThough having time between uploads of individual pictures can be seen as advantageous as the text field remains open… this is a nice feature. in terms of public disclosure I have a one terabyte hard drive that is nearly completely full of source code and iso images. I have been exploring the possibilities of the Linux and BSD Desktop X environments for a while……. dare I say a decade.ImageLast night I cloned the github bitcoin repository. Bitcoin is gaining momentum and represents the move towards a new Imageworld with nation states on tight budgets responding to the needs of the people.ImageImageImageImage