Linux is a full featured bitcoin cold storage wallet on USB pendrive

Security = Condidentiality, Anonymity and Integrity in financial transactions. Linux you can bankon.

Order Linux is a software system designed to facilitate secure confidential financial transactions across the bitcoin blockchain

bankonme (c) GPL MIT and BSD is 100% open source and fully 51% of our annual net income is given back to select open source projects is designed with privacy, confidentiality and anonymity in mind. Within the context of (c) GPL 2014 this security means integrity through the transparent process of open source software design. (c) GPL v3 and the bankonmeOS (c) BSD projects are currently undergoing extensive development. Source code is available at the bankonme github repo. is committed to the transparent security model that is only possible with open source technology is built upon TAILS Linux. If you cannot afford to order on USB pen preconfigured as a digital wallet you are encouraged to build your own secured environment. recommends TAILS Linux The Anonymous Incognito Linux System


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